Fabrizio Poce - J74 v1 BassLine for Ableton

J74 BassLine is a plug-in for Ableton Live (Max for Live) that specializes in bass progression. The main idea behind this device is to have a single flexible bass line programming instrument that combines rhythm and harmony. In terms of rhythm, the J74 BassLine uses groove, swing, legato, slide, accent and humanization. In terms of harmony, the instrument works with knowledge of scales, chords and progressions, combining them with the creation of a rhythmic pattern. Bass lines automatically adapt to progression based on chord by chord, staying in key to the selected scale (if you want to). This works best when the J74 BassLine is combined with the J74 Progressive ( Fabrizio Poce - J74 Progressive ) in Linked Mode. By combining the two, you have a single integrated environment for quickly sketching harmonic and rhythmic material in Ableton Live.

Download via Magnet Link (4 MB