Sempler is a polyphonic sample playback tool designed to create complex patterns with simple actions. The entire device is controlled exclusively by the built-in sequencer, which, among other parameters, allows you to set a different start point, size, pitch, level and delay amount for each individual step. Each configuration will then generate a continuous stream of chunks played one after the other to create a unique arrangement that is the result of a combination of these little chunks and bits of audio. Part of Sampler's magic lies in the uncertainty that surrounds his behavior and determines the state of his most important parameters. These random functions make it easy to create a whole bunch of ideas with just a few simple steps. The additional set of parameters reflects other global aspects of the instrument and helps shape each pattern even further. They control sequence length, velocity and direction, envelopes that affect each chunk and amplitude of the voice, and a group of functions dedicated to the FM, echo, and filter sections. MAIN FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS Sixteen steps sequencer. Slice start point, Size, Pitch, Level and Delay for each step. Mute and skip buttons. The random function is applied to all parameters of individual steps. Five sequential play modes: right, left, pong, others and any. Three speed modes: sync, free and track. The chance setting prevents the steps from being played randomly. Sequence reset button. Polyphony (one voice for each step). Window with parameters of peaks and curves. fragments are played in a loop or as one shot. Full Push integration (only for Push 2). Store and recall up to sixty-four presets. Cropping function for editing the pattern. Amp ADSR Envelope. Two styles of units for the FM pattern: note and hertz. Three unit styles for the echo effect: note, sync and time. Low and high pass filter. Random panorama.

Isotonik Studios - Noiss COKO - SemplerPro v2.0 Alp
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