TERRA is the best choice for sound engineers and producers. With its flexible structure, effects, modulators and sync options, this polyphonic synthesizer can play any sound! TERRA is a deep yet easy-to-use Max For Live instrument that's powerful and versatile. From poignant snippets and bass lines to drones, layered pads, complex rhythmic structures, unusual sequences and experimental sounds; You can do anything with TERRA! With an arsenal of possibilities, sound engineers, producers, and experimental composers can get so many different results! The world of sounds: this is Terra TERRA is designed to be your deep and easy-to-use sonic weapon. Its straightforward yet flexible structure will allow you to work with complete confidence, tuning things to different sounds! Three oscillators with three waveform keying parameters pass through an exclusive ADSR, pan and amp. The oscillators can also interact between them through hard / soft sync, extended frequency modulation, ring modulation and, in a single oscillator, its own phase modulation.

K-Devices - TERRA v1.0 for Ableton Live ALP
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