This hybrid polyphonic The synthesizer is capable of creating a wide variety of Voices using a variety of synth types, including VA, wavetable, and FM. The instrument offers powerful modulation capabilities: envelopes, LFOs, bipolar sequencers, and Sample + Hold. The built-in modulation matrix contains 8 sources and 10 directions. Composition : Aparillo 1.0.7 Egoist 1.5.6 Factory 1.0.8 Guitarist 1.0.5 Thesys 1.6.7 Turnado 1.7.1 Unique 1.5.2 WOW2 2.2.2 Artillery2 2.3.2 Cyclop 1.3.1 Effectrix 1.4.4 Looperator 1.0.4 Obscurium 1.0.7 Consequence 1.5.1 Consequence Library 1.0.R2 Robotronic 1.3.0 Vogue 1.3.2 WOW 1.2.0 DrumComputer Unique 1.5.3 TransVST 1.0

Sugar Bytes - Bundle VST, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE x86 x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)
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