CV Tools includes ten tools that provide dense communication between Live and your modular or other mechanism based on control voltage. Create or get Pitch, Control, Clock and Trigger CV with this set of creative M4L devices. CV Instrument Allows you to control your modular with MIDI like a synthesizer. Features flexible modulation and voice settings. CV Trigger Sequence your modular drum modules from the inside Live CV Clock In Control the Live tempo and play with your modular CV Clock Out Allows you to sync your modular drum module to the Live CV Envelope Follower Allows you to control modular audio signals from the inside Live CV LFO Instantly add more LFOs to your CV modular system Shaper Create Flexible Resume Forms CV Utility Manage your modular with automation curves from Live. Add, multiply, and shift the control signals together. Process control voltages as audio. CV In Use your module to modulate parameters in Live Rotating Rhythm Generator Create organic beats and experiment with modular-style rhythm generation. Send MIDI, you can even use it with Drum Racks.

Ableton - CV Tools v1.0 Alp
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