In a world filled with reproductions and increasing complexity, the Ultra Analog impresses with a unique and powerful synthesizer that is fast, lightweight and surprisingly versatile. Factory Library : The completely revamped Factory Library features over 600 production-ready sounds, classified for quick and intuitive search. Compressor and EQ : These new additions are perfect for adding punch and definition to your sound, allowing you to cut through any tight mix. Limiter : A new output limiter protects your ears and monitors while experimenting with synthesizer parameters, ensuring maximum dynamics without distortion. Optimized interface: A redesigned new interface now divides the Ultra Analog VA-2 into three panels: the Play panel presents shortcuts to performance and effects parameters, including bypass switches for quick editing; the Edit panel allows you to customize and create your own sound; The FX panel contains EQ, compressor, multi-effect and reverbs for a final shine. Tweaked Effects : The updated and polished Ultra Analog VA-2 multi-effects processor features the best chorus, delay, phaser, flanger, distortion, filter, wah-wah, auto-wah and reverb sound to date! Bank and Program Manager : The new Ultra Analog VA-2 Manager allows you to easily and efficiently organize, back up and share your sounds. Microtonic Tuning : The Ultra Analog VA-2 now supports the Scala file format for creating microtonic music. Signature Richard Devine Sounds : Renowned sound engineer Richard Devine has created a contemporary collection of 110 presets. Library 6 An excellent library of presets, created by the best professional sound engineers, is a sensational journey through all the colors of the analog spectrum - from vintage synthesizers to modern sounds. Content: Ultra Analog has superior performance with keyboard modes, unison, portamento and slide functions, as well as a full range of MIDI functions. And for even greater flexibility, Ultra Analog provides a user-programmable pattern arpeggiator and high quality effects shortcuts. Arpeggiator : Offers a variety of sync resolutions, playback algorithms, and rhythm patterns that will turn any chord progressions into beautiful melodies or rhythm sequences.

Applied Acoustics Systems - Ultra Analog VA-2 2.2.3 VSTi, VSTi3, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64
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