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GForce Software Oberheim OB-E 2.1.1 Standalone, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX (x64) 

Oberheim OB-E is our take on the legendary 8-voice Oberheim® system and the first software instrument ever to receive the personal endorsement of Tom Oberheim.
OB-E is more than just emulation, it offers a unique musical experience. Big-sounding, it takes the iconic Synthesizer (SEM®) 8-Voice Expansion Module (aka EVS) to a new sonic level with a host of improvements and additions.
The concept of 8-voice is actually very simple; based on a single SEM containing two VCOs with pulse and sawtooth waveforms, two ADS envelope generators, one LFO and a magical Multimode Filter. Individually, each SEM is monophonic, but in 8-voice, since there are eight SEMs triggered by a polyphonic keyboard, you have an excellent eight-note polyphonic synthesizer.
This unique octaphonic architecture, a first in the digital realm, offers fresh and exciting creative possibilities for music producers, composers and sound engineers.

GForce Software Oberheim OB-E 2.1.1 Standalone, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX (x64) 
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