91Vocals - Indie Bops & Bedroom Pop (WAV)

Indie Bops & Bedroom Pop brings upbeat vibes of buzzing guitars, cassette keys and ear-pleasing vocals. The cute aesthetic and short house beats combined with the DIY spirit create a modern collection of cozy indie pop arrangements. Organic elements blend with warm electronics and unique vocal layers to create loops and one-shots to inspire pop, future electronics and more.
As always, 91Vocals lays the foundation by recording original vocals. This pack includes clean vocal percussion loops, stacked group vocal chants, tinted and sliced ​​layers, harmony stacks, and more. Plus a full complement of foul drums, percussion and melodics, including bouncy acoustic, electric and bass guitars, heat-soaked tapes and pedal effects. In addition, studio pianos, toy synths and keys provide vibrant chord progressions.
Each loop is carefully key-marked and tempo-locked. These free samples are perfect to add to your beats or as inspiration for a few styles.
122 Loops
106 One shots

91Vocals - Indie Bops & Bedroom Pop (WAV)
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