Apple - Logic Pro X 10.7.6 [macOS] [iNTEL-M1] [TNT]

Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic. Powerful new tools for professional music production, audio processing and mixing are built into a modern interface for fast, high-quality results and convenient work wherever you are. Logic Pro X includes a huge collection of musical instruments, effects and loops - everything you need to create great compositions.

Professional music production

• Use a complete suite of spatial audio creation tools that includes everything you need to mix and export your music in Dolby Atmos.

• Record and edit MIDI or audio files using a wide range of tools and editors.

• Organize takes into take folders and easily create accompaniment with Quick Swipe Comping mode.

• Create and select playlists of regions and edits for the same track using the Track Alternatives feature.

• Fix the pitch of vocals and change the melodies of recorded audio with Flex Pitch.

• Easily control the timing and tempo of any recording with Flex Time.

• Use the Smart Tempo feature to import and automatically match audio to the rhythm of your project.

• Play and mix music anywhere in the room using Logic Remote on your iPad or iPhone.

• Create simple melodies or orchestral arrangements with the built-in score editor (Score).

Drumming and Rhythm Making

• Create and play your own drum kits in Drum Machine Designer.

• Program rhythms, basslines, and melodies in the Step Sequencer.

• Create natural-sounding acoustic and electronic drum tracks, as well as hip-hop tracks with Drummer, a virtual session drummer and beat maker.

Working with samples

• Easily create and edit complex instruments from multiple samples with Sampler.

• Import audio files or easily record audio directly into Quick Sampler to instantly create ready-to-play instruments.

Keyboards and synthesizers

• Draw inspiration from a collection of synthesizers featuring analog, wavetable, FM, additive, granular, spectral, and modeling synthesis.

• Easily find sounds and create new ones with Alchemy - a powerful synthesizer for working with samples.

• Instantly turn simple chords into rich harmonies with the Arpeggiator plugin.

• Play realistic models of classic organs, keyboards and vintage synths.

Equipment for guitar and bass

• Create your own guitar and bass rigs in Amp Designer using classic and modern amps, speakers and microphones.

• Create a unique set of pedals in the Pedalboard from various effect pedals such as delay, distortion and modulation.

Sound and creative effects

• Enjoy a professional collection of vintage and modern delays, EQs and compressors.

• Play sounds in different acoustic spaces or with original synthesized reverbs.

• Add dynamism to your tracks using various modulation effects.

Sound Library

• Over 5900 instrument and effect patches.

• 1200 carefully sampled instruments.

• Over 13,000 Apple Loops in a variety of genres.


• Expand your collection of instruments and effects by adding third-party plug-ins that are compatible with Audio Units.

• The ability to export to GarageBand allows you to remotely add new tracks to your Logic projects from your iPhone or iPad via iCloud.

• Import and export XML files needed for Final Cut Pro workflows.

• Export mixes with spatial audio to Apple Music compatible ADM Dolby Atmos files.

Storage Requirements

• 6 GB of free storage space for a minimal installation / 72 GB for a full Sound Library installation.

Apple - Logic Pro X 10.7.6 [macOS] [iNTEL-M1] [TNT]
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