Future Audio Workshop - SubLab XL v1.0.3 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, x64

SUBLAB just got a lot bigger than XL
We've expanded in all directions, adding more features, more effects, modulations, macros and brand new sounds.
Detailed Functions
Mix and match effects
Create your own subs with arrangeable effects.
Mix and match up to four effects, then modify them to create your own sound.
√ 6x distortion effect.
√ Waveshaper with sinusoidal bend and linear bend options.
√ Ribbon with hiss and wobble controls.
√ Bitcrusher with decimation and bit mode controls.
√ Compressor with automatic side chain and mixture quantity adjustment.
Oversized Synth Engine
Create super basses and moody sub basses in seconds with our new super oscillator.
New sonic possibilities, just a few clicks away with the Super Oscillator.
Create thick, noisy supersounds or thin, moody basses in seconds.
√ Layer sawtooth, triangular or square waves to create super saws.
√ Dry/wet mix.
√ Customize and adjust the thickness.
√ Width controls for stereo distribution.
LFO Modulation
Add movement and complexity with modulation.
Modulate up to two parameters at the same time to create rhythmic, sweeping, lively subs.
√ 18 routing options.
√ Sinusoidal, triangular, sawtooth, square and noise waveforms.
√ Speed ​​control and timing beats per minute.
Sounds for days
Filled with fresh sub-sounds. Easily customize to create your own with macros.
Macros to transform sounds without interrupting your stream.
√ 2 macro controls.
√ Musically interesting parameters are assigned to each preset.
√ Fully customizable, drag and drop to assign new settings.
√ Map up to 10 parameters to each macro.
√ Musically responsive blob with customizable colors and textures.

Future Audio Workshop - SubLab XL v1.0.3 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, x64
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