AcmeBarGig - Plugins Bundle VST x86

- Tribe (TribeIR) -- convolutional reverb for cabinet emulation
- Preampus Distortus -- guitar preamplifier
- Scar Unlimited -- tube overdrive emulation
- Redshift -- a thing that allows you to replace the mediator with which the party was played
- LSHSEQ -- 2-band EQ
- AfterShock Digital Delay - Three Response Delay
- Cab Enhancer

As well as amplifiers:
- Whisper Tube
- Meat Head
- Mr Tater Head
- Pecker Head
- Metal Razor Head
- Metal Series 60
- Tamla Head
- Knuckle Head
- Gimme Head
- Dick Head
- Metal C-15
- Brain 2
- BIG ( bass)

And another Shred suite: a set of six amplifiers, a six cabinet emulator and three microphones that are used to shoot the cabinets.

Add. Information : A set of plug-ins from AcmeBarGig. They mostly focus on , but
the author's official site is a Facebook group.

To be fair, Preampus Distortus can be used as an amp, just like preamp amps, but the author's description of the plug-ins has exactly this division, which I decided to keep.

For those who decide to use Shred: the plugin has a bug that constantly writes to the history of actions (which can usually be navigated via Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Alt+Z) updating internal parameters (several times per second). Keep that in mind, because it will make it impossible to move through the story.

AcmeBarGig - Plugins Bundle VST x86
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