Dark interval RAWA for kontakt

Add a tribal touch to your tracks with RAWA with Exotic loops and patterns for your music production.

Are you looking for new and exciting loops and patterns with a tribal dance groove-inspired theme to add to your music production toolkit? Look no further than RAWA by Dark Intervals, a collection of samples inspired by tribal dance grooves. This library is perfect for electronic music producers, beatmakers, and composers looking to add a unique and exotic touch to their tracks.

The library includes 4 categories of sounds: Plucked Strings, Synth Experiments, Inspiring Motion, and Percussion Loops. The Plucked Strings category features playful and exciting loops and patterns made with mandolin and electric guitar. The Synth Experiments category includes loops made with a few analog synths combined.

The Inspiring Motion category is a blend of various instruments combined in an inspirational motion, in key of C major (a-minor). Each note of scale has a shimmering motion in a chord on scale note, making possible to play chord progressions.

The Percussion Loops category features loops made with udu, skin drum, tambuata and floor tom. Additionally, the library includes 32 multi-layer patches that feature various sounds layered together.

The inspiration behind RAWA by Dark Intervals is rooted in tribal dance grooves, which is evident in the exotic and unique sounds included in the library. The loops and patterns are designed to be highly musical and playable, making it easy to add them to your productions. The sample library is 820 MB unzipped, with a sample rate of 48,000 kHz and 24-bit quality. It includes 110 nki files and 32 multis.

some ideas for how to use the RAWA sample library by Dark Intervals in your music production:

Incorporate tribal-inspired percussion loops into your electronic tracks for a unique and exotic feel.
Use the plucked strings loops to add a playful and exciting element to your tracks, particularly in the breakdowns or transitions.
Experiment with the synth experiments loops to add a retro, analog feel to your music.
Use the inspiring motion loops to add depth and movement to your tracks and explore chord progressions.
Layer multiple loops from different categories together to create complex and dynamic beats.
Incorporate the multi-layer patches to add depth and texture to your tracks.
Use the loops as a starting point for your own compositions, and then add your own elements to create unique tracks.
Use the loops as a way to get inspired and break out of a creative rut.
Try to build a track around one of the multi-layer patches to see how it can help you to get a sense of direction for your composition.
Use the loops to score for film, video games, or other multimedia projects to add exotic and ethnic elements to your soundscape.

Please note that, this is just an idea list, you may want to come up with other ways of using this product that suit your music creation style.


Product Highlights of RAWA by Dark Intervals

A collection of loops and patterns for the music production software Kontakt, created by Dark Intervals.
4 categories of sounds: Plucked Strings, Synth Experiments, Inspiring Motion, and Percussion Loops
32 multi-layer patches
Mostly inspired by tribal dance grooves
Loops and patterns are separated into different categories for easy use
Designed to be highly musical and playable
Sample library is 820 MB unzipped
Sample rate of 48,000 kHz and 24-bit quality
110 nki files and 32 multis
Requires Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher
Requires 4 GB of RAM or more
Requires 1 GB disk space
Not compatible with the free Kontakt Player
All loops and sequences are royalty-free

Full Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher
4gb of RAM or more
1 gb disk space

Dark interval RAWA for kontakt
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