Epic Stock Media - Annihilation Movie Trailer [WAV]

Annihilation Movie Trailer" is a stylish and elegant sound pack of in-demand sound effects for creating cinematic trailers.
Welcome to Annihilation Movie Trailer, a dedicated movie trailer sound effects library filled with everything you need to create devastating cinematic scenes in games and movies. Designed to add modulated industry standard bombastic sonic power to your mixes and bring abstract cinematic energy to your productions. Inside, you'll hear the trailer's powerful hits, rising whistles, explosive distorted beats, and the vibrancy of textures and aesthetics, all polished to perfection.
Many will appreciate it.

picDetailed description:
pic 250 movie trailer sound effects
picAll in 96k 24bit .wav
pic56 minutes of epic audio
pic12 braaams
pic​​10 bass drops
pic20 hits – dystopian
pic30 hits – electricity
pic30 hits – fire
pic10 hits – glass
pic25 hits – metallic
pic20 hits – stone
pic8 hits – water
pic55 rises
pic13 swells
pic17 tails

Epic Stock Media - Annihilation Movie Trailer [WAV]
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