Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v3.8.0 macOS [Keygen-R2R] [Intel/Apple M1-M2] [WIN K-Gen]

Good hertz is an audio software development company founded in early 2014. We are based in Southern California with offices in Vermont and Seoul. We believe audio plugins should sound amazing and be easy to use. We specialize in creating the best audio plugins
Ghz Tone Control 3.8.0
Ghz CanOpener Studio 3.8.0
Ghz Good Dither 3.8.0
Ghz Trem Control 3.8.0
Ghz Wow Control 3.8.0
Ghz Tupe 3.8.0
Ghz Lossy 3.8.0
Ghz Vulf Compressor 3.8.0
Ghz Midside 3.8 .0
Ghz Lohi 3.8.0
Ghz Midside Matrix 3.8.0
Ghz Megaverb 3.8.0
Ghz Faraday Limiter 3.8.0
Ghz Tiltshift 3.8.0
Ghz Panpot 3.8.0

Add. information :
v3.7.x Changelog
New additions:
Added native support for Apple silicon (M1 / M2)!
Added more precise controls for some blending/amount parameters in Tone Control, Trim Control, How Control, Can Opener and Midside
Added a level meter to Vulf Compressor Ref digital level

Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v3.8.0 macOS [Keygen-R2R] [Intel/Apple M1-M2] [WIN K-Gen]
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