Mastering The Mix RESO 1.0.5 VST

It is a dynamic resonance suppressor that helps you quickly identify and resolve resonances in your audio. When resonances build up to an excessive level, your music can sound harsh and unpleasant, masking other elements you want to hear. But, applying broad resonant reduction across your whole mix can take away the character of your audio, and if you apply too much reduction, you’ll make the mix sound thin and reduce the punch of your transients.

It helps you identify which specific frequencies have a build-up of energy relative to your whole mix. It also guides you on how much reduction is needed to dynamically resolve the resonance without overdoing it. The high-quality filters deliver mastering-grade transparency, with automatic Q optimization to give you the most musical results. There isn’t a faster or more effective way to musically resolve resonant issues in your mix.

It can fix the resonances of any channel in your mix, whether it’s a vocal, synth, percussion, busses, or mastering chain. Once you’ve loaded up an instance of RESO, play your audio and click ‘Calculate Targets’. RESO will then analyze your audio, find the most resonant frequencies, and give you ‘Target Nodes’ showing how much reduction is suggested to resolve the resonance transparently.

Features of Mastering The Mix RESO
Brilliant analysis that gives you fast results
Mastering grade filters for cleaner-sounding mixes
Creating a node is as easy as clicking anywhere on the interface
Position the node at the peak level at which you want the resonance suppression to start and scroll to adjust the Q

Mastering The Mix RESO 1.0.5 VST
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