Steinberg - VST Live Pro v1.1.40 x64 Team VR

Advanced system for live performances.
Make your life easier with VST Live, the perfect live performance system. The unique stable software solution is designed for musicians who want to put on a great show with sound, light and video wherever you are. VST Live comes with a wide range of virtual instruments, timing features for your music, lyrics and chord symbols displayed on other devices, videos, Cubase imports, MIDI tracks for direct DMX light control, and more.
From home practice to rehearsals with your band; From solo performances in bars, clubs and small parties to band performances and large stage productions, VST Live's wide range of features make it the right choice for everyone.
1. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
2. Install Steinberg Activation Manager 1.4.11.exe
3. Install VST Live Pro 1.1.40
4. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b4.exe

This version contains the following improvements and issues resolutions.

- Added DMX/MIDI List Editor
- Added Quick Controls for Inserts to Actions
- Added Stacks Input and Output to Actions
- Added Bars to Metronome
- Support Multi-Outputs of Instrument Plug-Ins
- Added "High Priority Mode" Audio Preference (Windows only)
- Added Folder Track Type to Tracks
- Added Quick-Controls section to MIDI Track Inspector
- Added option to control "Always on Top" for video windows
- Added Control Slider to Virtual Keyboard
- Added Song End Action "Do this for all Songs "
- Added Keyboard-Range and Pitchbend to SamplerTracks
- Added "Record Session" Control
- Added visual vount for connected MODS

Issues resolved
Actions Filter MIDI Clock
App Unselect widgets when MIDI Learn was successful
App Update focus after Undo/Redo
App More Tooltips
App Crash while changing projects with multi actions
App Improved Popup-View (Layer-Instrument or Insert selection) for small screens
Empty App app-name in SAM (Steinberg Activation Manager) when license is missing
App Crash while starting application
App Crash-On-Exit with Undo/Redo Actions
App Crash while dragging main view to second monitor
App Improved Plug-In usage
App Wrong Signature while creating new Song
App Opening Media Archive
Connections Fixed MIDI input ports for layers
Layer Initial MIDI sent to hardware after project loaded
Layer Midi Volume while switching parts
Media Bay Quick Controls in Plug-Ins/Controls section
Mods Synchronization for Tempo/Signature Track
Mods Crash when many MODS-Peers are connected
Mixer Reset Mixer on loading new project
Plug -Ins Quick-Controls display not updated after new assignment
Plug-Ins Update Quick-Control names when internal plugs state has changed
Plug-Ins Clean up unused plug-ins
Stacks Do not deactivate Stacks with Preload
Tracks Open Editor on Song Activation
Tracks Cycle with Video Tracks
Tracks Missing MIDI event when Transport starts at 1.1.0
Tracks MIDI engine
Tracks Volume editing in info line
Tracks Cycle with Part Triggers
Transport Crash after several hours of playing

Steinberg - VST Live Pro v1.1.40 x64 Team VR
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