WAProductions [MORiA]Pack v1 [Intel/Apple]

The pack includes
WAProductions - Biggifier Release 1.0.0 Mac MORiA
WAProduction - Combustor Release 1.0.0 Mac MORiA
WAProductions - Fundamental Bass Release 2.0.0 Mac MORiA
WAProductions - Imprint Release 2.1.0 Mac MORiA
WAProduction - Multibender Release 1.5.1 Mac MORiA
MutantDelay MORiA
WAProductions - Orchid Release 2.0.0 MORiA
WAProductions - Outlaw Release 2.2.0 MORiA
Presser_1_0_0_setupmac MORiA
WAProductions - Puncher 2 Release 2.1.0 MORiA
WAProductions - VINAI XTT Release 1.0.0 Mac MORiA
WAProductions - Vocal Cleaner
MORsi - Vocal Compressor Release 1.1.0 MORIA

WAProductions [MORiA]Pack v1 [Intel/Apple]
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