WaveTracing - SP950 v1.3.0 VST3 x64

detonation. Grainy sound with obligatory aliasing artifacts.
Main characteristics
Audio :
Accurate emulation of 12-bit SP ADC at 26.04kHz, DAC and detonation. Grainy sound with obligatory aliasing artifacts.
Detun :
If you are familiar with the workflow of the E-mu SP-1200*, you know that the unit is usually used with a source with a pitch, such as a turntable playing an LP record at 45 or 78 rpm, and after sampling in SP- 1200* is detuned to return to the original pitch and duration. Initially, this was done to save sampling time, but the resulting artifacts soon became a characteristic feature of the device and the whole musical direction.
This is exactly what the SP950 effect plug-in intends to reproduce in a single slider: the RPM/detune slider combines the source pitch (marks on the left, in RPM relative to 33 and in factors) with the SP detune (the semitone value on the LCD) to compensate for each other. friend. The result is a constant duration and pitch output, with varying detune aliasing and bandwidth artifacts.
Note that the actual pitch remains unchanged.
switch ext. extends the detonation range from -15 to -30 semitones.
the fine switch changes the detonation steps from semitones to tenths of a semitone.
Filter :
Another well-known workflow is the combination of SP and the Akai* S950 low pass filter to bring out the bass line. Reproduced here is a digitally controlled Akai* S950 Butterworth 6th order analog low-pass filter for this purpose, as well as to be able to mitigate some high-frequency knock artifacts.
The filter can be set from 0 to 99, just like the original S950. The filter is disabled when set to 99 (Bypass).
Gain :
Gain in and gain out can be set from -12dB to +12dB in 0.1dB steps. This can be used to adjust levels based on a given equalization, but can also be used to clip the input section or save some headroom to increase noise.
The link switch maintains a constant overall gain when the gain is changed.
The overall gain can be changed while the link is active by changing the gain out.
The overall gain is maintained within each gain control (for example, +24dB cannot be maintained by reducing the in gain).

WaveTracing - SP950 v1.3.0 VST3 x64
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