Imaginando FRMS Granular Synthesizer 1.9.0

Imaginado is a bi-directional manufacturer that produces products for both "big" computers and mobile platforms. The latest revolution, FRMS (Granular Synthesizer), is no exception.

With it, the Portuguese company is taking a hybrid approach. Granular synthesis is combined with FM and subtractive synthesis. In return, you get four layers per voice and eight FM modes. One layer can also serve as an operator for frequency modulation. Evil!

The granulator layer allows you to get up to 20 grains, and can also be "fed" to the built-in audio recorder. A bank of various samples is offered as additional material.

The modulation matrix on each layer should provide a large amount of movement. Two envelopes and a filter complete the "layer" offer. In addition, there is a master filter, four LFOs with five modes each, and an arpeggiator with five modes.

Imaginando FRMS Granular Synthesizer 1.9.0
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