Imaginando K7D 1.3.0 MacOS

Imaginando releases the K7D plugin . This is a tape delay. Releasing at the same time for these three platforms is the path that more and more plugin manufacturers are following.

Tape delay is so prized precisely because of its analog nature. The developers try to emulate this as best they can. To do this, they give the plug-in noise, distortion and inaccuracies in the form in which they can arise as a result of the operation of the mechanics of a tape recorder. The software emulates dual playback heads and creates delay times from one millisecond to one second. Delays are possible in normal mode and ping-pong mode. The delay time can vary between the two heads and you can also adjust the stereo width.

The input signal is passed through a simulated preamplifier that provides saturation as well as step gain. Various algorithms are available for saturation. For feedback, there are high and low pass filters. The LFO modulates the delay time with various waveforms (even the sample-and-hold function is on). The phase for the LFO of the second playback head can also be inverted. This makes the stereo image even wider.

Imaginando K7D 1.3.0 MacOS
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