Imaginando VS Visual Synthesizer 1.4.0

Software developer Imaginando presents us today with VS, a slightly different synthesizer. Because it does not produce sounds but visual graphics. And they respond to music, namely to audio signals and even to MIDI inputs. Very cool! You can also integrate Visual Synthesizer as a plugin into your DAW to spice up your live performances.

Do you need video content to enhance your live performances, video streams or music videos? There are several software tools for this, such as Resolume, Modul8 or Arkaos VJ - these applications, which are actually designed for video jockeys, are quite complex and require some training.

With live streaming gaining popularity and many musicians now "streaming" their own shows and performances from their studio or living room, developer Imaginando wants to help. And this is with the help of a visual synthesizer called VS. With this program you can merge music and video. Separate modules that create graphics respond to audio signals and even to MIDI controller values. And this is exactly what makes it more than easy for us as musicians to output video signals on the fly to our own music.

Imaginando VS Visual Synthesizer 1.4.0
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