Cableguys - ShaperBox 3 v3.2.3 VST/VST3/AAX x64

ShaperBox is your tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical movement and mixing magic.
Nine powerful Cableguys Shaper effects combined in one simple and modern interface.
What's new
Changes in ShaperBox 3.2.3:
•New: "Show Legacy Presets" option added to the Main Menu. When enabled, presets from ShaperBox 1/2 will appear in the All section of the Browser. Please Sync once to download them.
•New: Shift-click a Wave Preset or Custom Wave to scale it to the same vertical range as the current wave. Useful when you have (for example) a Filter Cutoff wave covering a narrow range, and want to try different wave shapes spanning the same range. Also works when Shift-clicking "Paste wave" in the Wave Menu.
•Improved: "Auto" option for background Oscilloscope in the Wave Menu. On by default, this option selects the most appropriate mode (Stereo, Combined or Magnitude) for every Shaper.
•Improved: "Auto" option for Grid in the Wave Menu. On by default, this option switches between Straight and Triplet grids depending on LFO Length.
•Improved: "Snap on by default" option in the Wave Menu, enabling snap whenever the plugin is loaded.
•Improved: Randomize function can now be applied to a selection.
•Improved: Sidechain detector signal is shown temporarily while hovering/adjusting the Filter Band in the Envelope Follower or Compressor.
•Improved: LFO Timing Mode (Beat / Hertz / Pitch) is now a DAW-automatable parameter.
•Fixed: Global Audio Trigger setup screen partially covered the expanded Wave Editor.
•Fixed: Mouse wheel adjustment did not work for the LFO Length menu.
•Fixed: The waveform display is now updated while editing via the Cubase Direct Offline Processing dialog.

Cableguys - ShaperBox 3 v3.2.3 VST/VST3/AAX x64
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